JaMBW Edition 1.1


Time is a component of Information. The meaning of the Edition date is to specify at which chronological time the information had been frozen. This concept is rather crucial and very often under-stated. At a time in which technological developments proceed at super-human speed, it is absolutely required to specify which level of technology is being used. Infact the problem of being "up-to-date" is probably the main reason why Network Computer emerged and solved the problem. However, it is foreseen that Network Computer will not superseed the PC desktop of most home computers, unless the network connections will be recognized as component of the living needs and thus their usage cost appropriately diminished. Until that time, and for the reason that network connection are nowaday of a quality / reliability insufficient to allow the Network Computer as viable solution beyond the Intranet, software distributions will still be made and thus software releases / editions.


JaMBW Edition 1.1 had been made conformant to the JDK 1.02 specifications.
It also uses JavaScript and LiveScript in order to overcome some of the limitations of the JDK 1.02, thus is best used with Netscape Navigator 3.0 (or greater), or any other Browser that is Java / JavaScript / LiveWire compliant.