JaMBW History

This section of JaMBW provides information on the facts and thoughts that influenced JaMBW development as well as its planned near future. It is therefore splitted in the following sections:


Presentation of the Proof-of-concept to the First European GCG User Focus Meeting, held in EMBL Heidelberg and organized by GCG, Compugen, and LIGT
Meeting in EMBL Heidelberg on Java perspectives


Distribution of the version 1.1 in "ready to run" form, freely, by email.
Presentation of JaMBW 1.1 at the first Conference of the German Java User Group.
Distribution of the version 2.0, featuring local file operations in conjunction with the availability of Netscape 4.0 for Macintoshes
Distribution of the version 3.0, featuring integration using tools like ActiveX/COM.


The future of JaMBW is envisaged in term of contributions provided by various Developers, adherence to standard quality, including new features as much as users require and the tools allow, machine independence (that is, clean Java) but continuous awareness of new developments (for example, ActiveX/COM). It might happen as well that the Java efforts will be included through other Virtual ToolSets like the NCSA Workbench, be used by Content Providers like in SRS5 and even fuse with the Biowidgets activities. Very much of what will happen will depend on the continuous feedback from the User Community and the contribution by the Developers.