ABE Homepage


ABE is a small, fast and convenient program for visualizing and modeling experimental bioassay data. The data can be modeled using either polynomials or a more specific four-parameter model based upon the standard, sigmoidal dose-response curve.


ABE (Copyright 2002, 2003 Gordon Webster, EMD Lexigen Research Center) is Open Source software that is available at no charge. ABE is supplied as is, without warranty, and may be freely used and distributed under the terms of the Gnu General Public License (GPL) as described in Appendix A of the ABE manual.


The current version of ABE (1.0) is available as Python source code (any platform supporting release 2.2 (or later) of Python) or as a convenient, precompiled binary (Win NT/2000).


Source code, binaries and documentation are available at the ABE project pages at Bioinformatics.org


A Python runtime environment must be installed if you plan to work with the ABE source code. Downloads of the current version of Python and detailed documentation, are available at the Python Website.


Gordon Webster can be contacted via his bioinformatics.org email: gwebster@bioinformatics.org