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Click the desired item below, then copy it from this box, paste at the desired position, and edit the text between HTML tags as needed. Example.
HTML tags can be nested, for example
Correct: <center><small><i>centered small italic text</i></small></center>
Wrong: <center><small><i>centered small italic text</center></small></i>

Example of editing between HTML tags:

Suppose you want your subtitle to include this:
The sulfur atoms bound to zinc are deprotonated.
  1. Type "The sulfur atoms bound to zinc are".
  2. Click on Boldface in the list above, displaying "<b>boldface</b>" in the box. Copy and paste it into the subtitle box, giving
    The sulfur atoms bound to zinc are <b>boldface</b>
  3. Change the word "boldface" to "deprotonated", being careful not to change the HTML tags that begin with < and end with >. Now you have
    The sulfur atoms bound to zinc are <b>deprotonated</b>.
  4. Double check that each tag is closed with a subsequent, corresponding tag beginning </. For example <big> must be closed with </big>.
  5. Reload your tutorial, in your web browser, to see the results.
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