JTAT Version History
(JTAT = Jmol Tutorial-Authoring Template)
The current version was released

September 22, 2018:
  • Element color keys [e.g. element_key("C O N Fe")] use a larger font.
  • This version history is now linked at the bottom of each tutorial's contents panel.
  • Enhancements to content of the hemoglobin tutorial.
August 28, 2018 was the third release of JTAT.
  • JSmol version 14.29.17_2018-06-15: The major enhancement is conversion from the Java-requiring Jmol applet to JSmol, which does not require Java.
    • Only the JTAT Demonstration tutorial, the Hemoglobin tutorial, and the empty JTAT template have been upgraded to work without Java.
    • The tutorials on Antibody, Major Histocompatibility Complex, and Exploring DNA have not yet been updated and still require Java.
  • postNavigationText, a new variable (within chapter.js) to put text after the navigation buttons (Contents, Previous, Next). See examples in Chapter 2 of the JTAT Demonstration Tutorial, and in the Hemoglobin tutorial (in Contents and elsewhere).
  • The blue color of unvisited links was made lighter for better visibility when on a black background.
  • View and navigation buttons were made larger and more readable.
  • In the Hemoglobin Tutorial:
    • Changes to molecular view content are listed in the Hemoglobin Tutorial Version History
    • Some color schemes have been changed, simplified, or standardized.
    • In the chapter Hydrophobicity, Polarity and Charge, a new "Cut" slider* enables cutting through the model to visualize the hydrophobic core.
    • Details* can be opened/hidden so they don't distract when the tutorial is projected to illustrate a lecture in class.
    • The bottom of the control panel* now displays "How To ...", a list of the molecules in the tutorial with links to FirstGlance and Proteopedia, an Open Access notice, and the license with authors.
    • There are new links to various external resources.

    • * These features were part of the mature 2010 JTAT but had not been implemented when Hemoglobin was written in 2007.
September 8, 2010 was the second release of JTAT.
  • Jmol upgraded from 11.6.RC12 to 12.0.12. This fixed several bugs and added some new capabilities.
  • Major histocompatiblity complex (MHC) tutorial ported from Chime to JTAT.
  • A new color key function was added for ConSurf, consurf_key11() (eleven colors). It is used in Chapter 4 of the MHC tutorial.
  • The spin toggle button no longer interrupts ongoing scripts. It now uses the new ability to prefix a command with "!", which executes the command in the middle of any ongoing script.
  • Added the atom position notation (in parentheses) to the hover report (touching an atom, not clicking).
  • Updated text size instructions for Safari on Mac OS X.
  • Minor improvements:
    • _sptutil/animationdone.spt improved.
    • css4all/tutorial.css had been inadvertantly omitted from contents/contents.htm.
    • additions to _sptutil/vreset.spt.
September 8, 2008 was the initial release of JTAT. It utilized Jmol 11.6.RC12 and included these tutorials:
  • Hemoglobin, in a very early pre-release version of JTAT.
  • Antibody, in a pre-release version of JTAT.
  • Collagen by Karl Oberholser, in a pre-release version of JTAT. This was later superceded by Karl's Collagen tutorial in Proteopedia.
  • Exploring DNA by Andrew Carter, ported by Frieda Reichsman (with Carter's blessing) to a near-final release version of JTAT.

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