Description of "384To96" macro:

This macro is used to reconstruct maps of four 96-well plates from a 384-well plate map. 
The user has first to open the folder containing the 384-well plate map(s). 
The macro will extract each 96-well plate from a 384-well plate map and copy it below.
This allows the user to know how to organize the 96-well plates at the beginning of the experiment.

Platforms tested:
This macro has been found to work with Excel 97 and 2000 under various flavors
of Windows (English versions) and with Excel 98 of MacOS 9 and Excel X of MacOS X (English versions).
The author takes no responsibility for malfunctioning on other versions of Excel and/or other OSs.

This macro has been developed by Stéphanie Monnier
Please use the tools available at The Macroshack at
for comments, suggestions, and bugs.

Instructions on using the macro.

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This page was last updated on: December 22, 2004 by Stéphanie Monnier