How to use the ResultsFileBuilder macro:


ResultsFileBuilder is a macro designed to create automatically results files, starting from plate file maps.
It reads sample Ids and their location in the plates
in order to  copy them into the project results file of your choice.

Please make sure you view very carefully the following example files:
384-well plate map file (input for this macro)

Plate 384  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24
A A1_1 A1_2 A2_1 A2_2 A3_1 A3_2 A4_1 A4_2 A5_1 A5_2 A6_1 A6_2 A7_1 A7_2 A8_1 A8_2 A9_1 A9_2 A10_1 A10_2 A11_1 A11_2 A12_1 A12_2
B A1_3 A1_4 A2_3 A2_4 A3_3 A3_4 A4_3 A4_4 A5_3 A5_4 A6_3 A6_4 A7_3 A7_4 A8_3 A8_4 A9_3 A9_4 A10_3 A10_4 A11_3 A11_4 A12_3 A12_4
C B1_1 B1_2 B2_1 B2_2 B3_1 B3_2 B4_1 B4_2 B5_1 B5_2 B6_1 B6_2 B7_1 B7_2 B8_1 B8_2 B9_1 B9_2 B10_1 B10_2 B11_1 B11_2 B12_1 B12_2
D B1_3 B1_4 B2_3 B2_4 B3_3 B3_4 B4_3 B4_4 B5_3 B5_4 B6_3 B6_4 B7_3 B7_4 B8_3 B8_4 B9_3 B9_4 B10_3 B10_4 B11_3 B11_4 B12_3 AB12_4
E C1_1 C1_2 C2_1 C2_2 C3_1 C3_2 C4_1 C4_2 C5_1 C5_2 C6_1 C6_2 C7_1 C7_2 C8_1 C8_2 C9_1 C9_2 C10_1 C10_2 C11_1 C11_2 C12_1 C12_2
F C1_3 C1_4 C2_3 C2_4 C3_3 C3_4 C4_3 C4_4 C5_3 C5_4 C6_3 C6_4 C7_3 C7_4 C8_3 C8_4 C9_3 C9_4 C10_3 C10_4 C11_3 C11_4 C12_3 C12_4
G D1_1 D1_2 D2_1 D2_2 D3_1 D3_2 D4_1 D4_2 D5_1 D5_2 D6_1 D6_2 D7_1 D7_2 D8_1 D8_2 D9_1 D9_2 D10_1 D10_2 D11_1 D11_2 D12_1 D12_2
H D1_3 D1_4 D2_3 D2_4 D3_3 D3_4 D4_3 D4_4 D5_3 D5_4 D6_3 D6_4 D7_3 D7_4 D8_3 D8_4 D9_3 D9_4 D10_3 D10_4 D11_3 D11_4 D12_3 D12_4
I E1_1 E1_2 E2_1 E2_2 E3_1 E3_2 E4_1 E4_2 E5_1 E5_2 E6_1 E6_2 E7_1 E7_2 E8_1 E8_2 E9_1 E9_2 E10_1 E10_2 E11_1 E11_2 E12_1 E12_2
J E1_3 E1_4 E2_3 E2_4 E3_3 E3_4 E4_3 E4_4 E5_3 E5_4 E6_3 E6_4 E7_3 E7_4 E8_3 E8_4 E9_3 E9_4 E10_3 AE10_4 E11_3 E11_4 E12_3 E12_4
K F1_1 F1_2 F2_1 F2_2 F3_1 F3_2 F4_1 F4_2 F5_1 F5_2 F6_1 F6_2 F7_1 F7_2 F8_1 F8_2 F9_1 F9_2 F10_1 F10_2 F11_1 F11_2 F12_1 F12_2
L F1_3 F1_4 F2_3 F2_4 F3_3 F3_4 F4_3 F4_4 F5_3 F5_4 F6_3 F6_4 F7_3 F7_4 F8_3 F8_4 F9_3 F9_4 F10_3 F10_4 F11_3 F11_4 F12_3 F12_4
M G1_1 G1_2 G2_1 G2_2 G3_1 G3_2 G4_1 G4_2 G5_1 G5_2 G6_1 G6_2 G7_1 G7_2 G8_1 G8_2 G9_1 G9_2 G10_1 G10_2 G11_1 G11_2 G12_1 G12_2
N G1_3 G1_4 G2_3 G2_4 G3_3 G3_4 G4_3 G4_4 G5_3 G5_4 G6_3 G6_4 G7_3 G7_4 G8_3 G8_4 G9_3 G9_4 G10_3 G10_4 G11_3 G11_4 G12_3 G12_4
O H1_1 H1_2 H2_1 H2_2 H3_1 H3_2 H4_1 H4_2 H5_1 H5_2 H6_1 H6_2 H7_1 H7_2 H8_1 H8_2 H9_1 H9_2 H10_1 H10_2 H11_1 H11_2 H12_1 H12_2
P H1_3 H1_4 H2_3 H2_4 H3_3 H3_4 H4_3 H4_4 H5_3 H5_4 H6_3 H6_4 H7_3 H7_4 B8_3 H8_4 H9_3 H9_4 H10_3 H10_4 H11_3 H11_4 H12_3 H12_4

96-well plate map file (input for this macro)

CCB001 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
A 247650 414277 215269 244062 314114 416066 415458 720283 414853 416840 416525  
B 248640 515830 415254 233023 311891 412613 415378 210126 414415 417269 413151  
C 410899 410351 412302 357044 355393 414415 417669 235223 411230 415407 419362  
D 416142 415756 411965 314243 333902 418911 410602 246100 411929 415449 412125  
E 416366 415854 411127 315377 340023 412504 418933 231949 424230 417980 411215  
F 414411 412313 411901 340272 346614 418528 410164 410679 410788 411422 418485  
G 414788 414579 410740 340469 216919 419301 416400 418091 417576 411548 314138  
H 414662 210979 242564 342994 218568 414028 413081 417369 413601 414474 338681  

Results file example (output of this macro)


247650 CCB001 A 1
248640 CCB001 B 1
410899 CCB001 C 1
416142 CCB001 D 1
416366 CCB001 E 1
414411 CCB001 F 1
414788 CCB001 G 1
414662 CCB001 H 1
414277 CCB001 A 2
And so on...      

Once you have scrupulously read the examples and verified that your files are in the proper format,
you are ready to use ResultsFileBuilder.
Just go to the Welcome sheet and push buttons in the sequence 1-2.
The macro will use all the files contained in the selected folder. So, don't save your results file in the same folder. 
Notice that after use, when you close this file, it will ask if you want to save modifications.
You should answer No.


Description of the macro.

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