Description of "Count" macro:

This macro calculates some statistics on your results file.
After the run of the macro, for each polymorphism, you will find below the results
the total number of subjects genotyped, the observed and expected
number of subjects in each genotype class, and the p-value
that the genotype distribution is in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium.

Platforms tested:
This macro has been found to work with Excel 97 and 2000 under various flavors
of Windows (English versions) and with Excel 98 of MacOS 9 and Excel X of MacOS X (English versions).
The author takes no responsibility for malfunctioning on other versions of Excel and/or other OSs.

Runs in Excel 98 and 2000.

This macro has been developed by David Cox, Federico Canzian.
Please use the tools available at The Macroshack at
for comments, suggestions, and bugs.

Instructions on using the macro.

Download the macro.

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