Description of "Make_Structure" macro:

This macro will transform data from my "standard" format to a format suitable for use in Jonathan Pritchard's structure program.  The program can be downloaded at the following site: .  The format that your data needs to be in is slightly modified from my standard.  All you need to do is eliminate the second row, which describes the alleles.  I am wondering if I might change this, so try it out, and let me know.  

The macro will ask you what column your genotype data starts in.  This is to leave room for any columns BEFORE your data which may contain population information, individual IDs, or the other variables possible with structure.  If your genotypes start in column C, for example, you would enter "3" when asked.  The macro should work with any type of data.  This means if you put your data in the "A/A", "1/1", or 0-2 formats for SNPs, or 320/322 for microsats.   The ONLY character you can use (for the moment) is "/"  to separate your genotypes.  The 0-2 format for SNPs is based on the following: 0 = homozygous wt, 1 = heterozygous, 2 = homozygous mut.  If you use another format, please let me know.

-9 will be used for missing data.

For examples of the input format, see this page: In_Format.htm

For a test, run the macro on the above data, and it should give this: Output.htm

Platforms tested:
Windows 2000

Runs in 2000.

This macro has been developed by David Cox.
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