Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  1. How do I unsubscribe, temporarily stop delivery, get daily digests or not, etc.?
    ANSWER: Enter your subscription email address here

  2. What are the purposes and rules for molvis-list?
    ANSWER: See "About molvis-list".

  3. Where are the archives (history, past messages) from molvis-list?

  4. How much traffic does molvis-list have? How many subscribers?
    ANSWER: see molvis-list statistics.

  5. Where can I find
    • An interactive tutorial on the structure of a particular molecule?
    • Molecular structure tutorials in Español, Français, Deutsch, Português, etc.?
    • Molecular structure data (PDB) files for small molecules, lipid bilayers, ...?
    • Physical molecular models and molecular sculpture?
    • MolVis software (free and commercial)?
      ANSWERS: Please go to which also indexes:

    • Protein Explorer?
    • Tutorials on DNA Structure, Hemoglobin, etc. authored by Eric Martz?
    • The MDL Chime plugin? Instructions.
    • Technical help for authoring Chime-based websites?
    • Jmol, a java applet that understands the Chime command language?

  6. RasMol?
    • Newest version of RasMol with reference manual, FAQ, multi-language support, manual docking of multiple molecules, true slabbing, etc.:
    • RasMol 2.6 (1999) with extensive help for beginners, FAQ, tutorials, gallery, guides to the select command, colors, bonds, etc.: UMass. Most of the tutorials and guides here are not duplicated at, and remain largely applicable to the newer RasMol program.

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