OMIM :  131100


CGAP : 24297




  • multiple endocrine neoplasia I
  • menin



Biochemical type



Cell type distribution



Chromosome human









  • Genetic linkage analysis to restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) markers assigned the gene to chromosome band 11q13.Larsson C, Nordenskjold M.



Cis-Acting effect





  • Clinical genetics of multiple endocrine neoplasias, Carney complex and related syndromes. Stratakis CA.




  • The identification of MEN 1 mutation by employing DNA test, will facilitate early diagnosis and treatment. Kameyama K, Takami H.





  • Multiple endocrine neoplasia Type I. Diagnosis and therapy in a case  with classical family history. Lamberts R, Gregor M.






  • Genetic testing in multiple endocrine neoplasia and related syndromes. Calender A.




  • Multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 and 2. 1997 diagnostic guidelines and molecular pathology. Komminoth P.




DNA Structure









  • The protein encoded by the MEN1 gene has been shown to function in the regulation of JunD-activated transcription. Yoshimoto K.






Gene Frequencey (tumor)









Oncogenic Activation




Protein binding


  • The MEN1 gene encodes a putative growth-suppressor protein, menin, binding JunD, a transcriptional factor belonging to the AP-1 complex. Calender A.



Protein Structure


  • Men1 is on chromosome 11q13 and has 10 exons. It encodes a 610 amino acid protein called MENIN.Kameyama K, Takami H.




Tumor gene type


  • The observation of LOH involving 11q13 in MEN type 1 tumors and the inactivating germline mutations found in patients suggest that the MEN1 gene acts as a tumor suppressor.  Pannett AA, Thakker RV.







Tumor incidence



Tumor type