[BiO BB] Re: Need Help on Bio Informatics

Felipe G. Nievinski fnievinski at cpovo.net
Tue Apr 3 16:42:10 EDT 2001

Dear Visnu,

	there are some good posts about 'Introducing into Bioinformatics' on the list archives:
	It can be a starting point.

Felipe Nievinski.

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From: Vishnu <vishnub at pgsolutions.com>
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Dear Sir,

My spouse is a scientist in biotechnology company and she 
is MSc. BioChem.,
I would like to help her by gathering informatin about 
preparing for getting in to Bio-Informatics Field.

Please let me know how should she prepare for this.
What are the pre requisites for this area and as we are 
living in Bangalore, Where can we approach for getting 
training/joining courses etc.

Pleas let me know in detal.

Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,



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