[BiO BB] RES: BiO_Bulletin...just free papers

Marcos Oliveira de Carvalho gladium at terra.com.br
Tue Apr 10 22:23:01 EDT 2001

Well...yes...pdf files like Nature papers are subjects to licences...but
others (like Genetics papers - genetics.org ) are free some time after the
publication, and others text files don't have licenses  . The goal of the
software is provide a tool to search free pdfs among the users. I think that
it is possible.
best regards
Marcos Oliveira de Carvalho

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Message: 1
From: "Marcos Oliveira de Carvalho" <gladium at terra.com.br>
To: <bio_bulletin_board at bioinformatics.org>
Subject: [BiO BB] an idea
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 00:00:27 -0300
Reply-To: bio_bulletin_board at bioinformatics.org


In this mail I would like to send an idea...
Everybody knows about the peer-to-peer technology (like Napster and
Tijit)...so...why not build a software that make possible the (free) search
and transfer of scientific papers (pdfs,ps,txt, etc) between users of the
software? The program can create an index of the texts including the authors
name, title of the article and keywords, in this manner, we can create an
virtual community to share or scientific papers.
If somebody can build this software, please, do it!

Marcos Oliveira de Carvalho
Pibic/CNPq researcher
Molecular Biology Lab. - Federal University of Santa Maria - Brazil -


Message: 2
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 03:16:44 -0400
From: Marco Aurelio Valtas Cunha <mavcunha at rbp.fmrp.usp.br>
To: bio_bulletin_board at bioinformatics.org
Subject: Re: [BiO BB] an idea
Reply-To: bio_bulletin_board at bioinformatics.org

The Idea is good, but scientific papers, aren't suject to licences too?
Say you have a subscription of Nature, is legal share the pdf file of
the article even if others don't have the subscription?
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