[BiO BB] Bioinformatics companies around Boston

micky at alum.mit.edu micky at alum.mit.edu
Tue Apr 24 01:38:41 EDT 2001

Hi there,

I am a software engineer, and I am trying to get into the Bioinformatics
field.  I have four years of experience in system architecture, software
design, etc., but no background in biology, or the like.

I have two related questions for this group: (1) who are the players in
the Boston area that might be interested in someone with my background,
and (2) does anybody have strong (or weak) opinions about the companies
I identified so far?

Companies I intend to approach are:
- Spotfire
- Whitehead Institute
- Xpogen
- Genome Therapeutics
- Lion Bioscience

Thanks in advance!

- Michael

m i c h a e l     jastram
mailto:micky at alum.mit.edu
w w w   http://jastram.de

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