[BiO BB] Bioinformatics companies around Boston

Reece Hart reece at in-machina.com
Tue Apr 24 12:59:42 EDT 2001

On Mon, 23 Apr 2001 micky at alum.mit.edu wrote:
> I have two related questions for this group: (1) who are the players in
> the Boston area that might be interested in someone with my background,
> and (2) does anybody have strong (or weak) opinions about the companies
> I identified so far?


There are many bio companies in the Boston area from startup to monolithic
pharma.  I have two suggestions: 1) see www.biospace.com, especially the
"jobs by region" section, and 2) keep up with breaking news to see which
companies are connecting with the market.  I subscribe to the
www.genomeweb.com mailing lists.

I have no affiliation with either of these companies.

Good luck,

Reece Hart, http://www.in-machina.com/~reece/, PGP:0xD178AAF9

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