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	I agree it could be expanded to a much larger submission / compilation
tool.  I considered creating the application using Perl / CGI scripts with a
Web interface and I came to the conclusion that it would be more user
friendly if anyone could install it on their local machine and run a
graphical interface that allowed easy director selection and data entry for
the header files.  While writing it as a Visual application does limit it to
the windows platform if it were written in Java with an installer that
queried the system for OS type then it could install the necessary Java
components and it could run essentially platform independent.  Anyway, I
would love to see this program as an independent application rather than as
PERL scripts on a website.

Mark Burke

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On Tue, Aug 21, 2001 at 11:27:02PM -0400, bioinfo wrote:
> Hello,
>  How about starting with a windows application that allows easy
Is Perl included in the default installation?

> of EST Sequences for submission.  It could have a "interrogator" function
> which allows the user to fill out all of the necessary fields then it
> annotates each EST sequence file either with the existing file name or
> other format (for example a lab code and a number, the number could change
> while the lab code did not). T hen the program could move all the
> files into one large file and add the final headers.  The saved file could
> then be emailed to ESTDB.  I doubt the program would take a huge amount of
> time to write and debug, but I bet it would save the average researcher
> the PERL programmer) time by allowing the average scientist to use a
> application to compile his or her own data.

or make this a PHP/Apache or Perl/Apache hack so people everywhere can
(re)use your code. It's a nice idea which need not be limited only to
EST sequences.


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