[BiO BB] open source ideas

Johann Visagie johann at egenetics.com
Wed Aug 22 12:30:16 EDT 2001

Philipp Pagel on 2001-08-22 (Wed) at 12:06:24 -0400:
> http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Vista/7184/guitool.html#free_toolkit

Nice summary.

> Especially wxWindows looks quite good to me (no affiliation):
> http://www.wxwindows.org/

wxWindows is excellent.  The Python wrapper, wxPython (http://wxpython.org)
makes cross-platform GUI development _particularly_ simple.  One can almost
start considering the use of the word "trivial".

The standard methodology for using Python to prototype cross-platform apps
goes something like:

- Prototype the entire app in Python until it works
- Profile, and if too slow:
  - Rip out performance-critical modules
  - Rewrite them in C(++)
  - Plug them back in
  - Lather, rinse, repeat

Using wxPython and wxWindows, the above recipe can be extended from
"cross-platform development" to "cross-platform _GUI_ development".

-- V

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