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Dr. Kutty drkutty at goldstone.net
Wed Aug 29 01:07:20 EDT 2001

Hi Claris,
Centre for Development of Advance Computing(CDAC), Pune, India are working
on parallel Algorithms. CDAC is a National Institution under the Ministry Of
Information Technology, Govt of India, who have developed India's first
Commercial Super Computer. You may contact its Director, Dr.Arora in the
following address. 

Executive Director
CDAC, Pune
Pune University Campus
Ganesh Khind
Pune 411007
Phone: +91-20-5650507
E-mail: rkarora at cdac.ernet.in

I am also forwarding a copy of this to Dr.Arora for his information.

With Best Regards,

Goldstone Technologies Ltd
Secunderabad 500003
A.P. , India
Tel: +91-40-780 7640
Fax: +91-40-780 1910
Email: drkutty at goldstone.net

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There is somebody working on software for parallel computing? You know =
Blast for clusters (example)? Maybe a research group is working on this, =
do you have any idea which one?
Thanks in advance,

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