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Hello Nikhil,

When discussing sequence homology we use terms as "patterns", "motifs" and
"similarity". These are broad and vague terms, it is enough to think about
concepts like patterns of behavior or musical motifs. When we use these
terms for sequences, we use them in a given context and a restricted sense.
Typically, a PROSITE pattern which is a special sequence pattern that makes
sense only in the context of the PROSITE database and the software that can
be used to search it. In other terms, there is a proper mathematical
definition of patterns used in PROSITE and in the search software. If we
keep this in mind we will not be disturbed by the fact that some workers
call the PROSITE patterns as "motifs" - they refer to the same thing.

So, in conclusion we can say that the "Patterns" and "Motifs" are the
interchangeable terms used to define certain region of proteins which has a
characteristic sequence (amino acid) and usually associated with a
particular function.

Hope this helps!!


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