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Greg Deocampo Greg at tekadence.net
Sun Dec 30 12:15:21 EST 2001

Hello Francis,

I am currently applying a software technology I've developed for automated
application assembly from distributed components  and "database
processing" -- a kind of ".NET for bioinformatics"-- to the development of
personal curative vaccines.

I would love to correspond about the opportunities you think exist in terms
of hardware/software/ASIC as well as in methods and algorithms.

My personal background is in applied mathematics, software engineering,
molecular immunology and technology startups.

I am not a VC but I know some (human, nice ones) and am a serial

Best regards,


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What do you mean by "in researching..." ? Are you in
VC business ?

There are opportunities in hardware/software/ASIC as
well as "methods/algorithms". Do you have any specific
in mind.



--- srab2001 at yahoo.com wrote:
> I am looking for people interested in researching a
> bioinformatics startup opportunity.  Let me know if
> you have an interest in this up&coming field.
> thanks
> stuart
> srab2001 at yahoo.com

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