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Wed Jul 4 21:05:05 EDT 2001

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>From "Mathura, Venkatarajan S." <vsmathur at utmb.edu>:

    Did you try to get PROSPECT ? If not, just for your info: It is from

  The reference for PROSPECT is :

Ying Xu and Dong Xu. Protein threading using PROSPECT:Design and evaluation.
Proteins: Structure, Function, and Genetics. 40:343-354. 2000.

The website for the program is  http://compbio.ornl.gov/structure/prospect/.

PROSPECT has performed very well in CASP4. The program can be installed as a
stand alone and works in LINUX OS. 

   You can contact Dr. Dong Xu (xud at ornl.gov) or Dr. Ying Xu (xyn at ornl.gov)
to get the
software. You can also clarify your question as to whether PROSPECT can
query several sequences to a single fold with them! All the best.

Computational Biology Lab,
Galveston, Tx 77555

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