[BiO BB] Bioinformatics jobs in Pune, India

TriBioSys tribiosys at scientist.com
Wed Jul 11 06:27:14 EDT 2001

Bioinformaticians required in Pune, India

An international bioinformatics company based in the US, is looking for a
core  team to be based in Pune, India. The company is focused on satisfying
the drug  discovery and development needs of the pharmaceutical industry
through  managing genomic, proteomic, and other research data. The company
has an  experienced founding team with strong backgrounds in the healthcare
informatics, IT services, biotech, and pharmaceutical sectors.

You must be at least a Masters in any life-science discipline. Others with a
science background may be considered, depending upon their aptitude.

Those with at least one of the following skillsets have an added advantage:

1. Computational Tools and Databases in Sequence Analysis, Gene Structure,
Regulatory Regions, Transcription Factors, Protein Analysis, Phylogeny, Data
Mining and Annotation.

2. Experience in RDBMS, programming in C++/Perl/Corba/Java, on Unix/Linux/NT

3. Experience in the use of molecular modelling packages.

Contact: tribiosys at mail.com

Send your resumes in text format, mentioning your reasons for choosing
bioinformatics as a career.
Include TBS1104 as a reference code in the subject line of your email.
Also mention expected salary and the best time you can be contacted on the
phone, for the initial interviews.

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