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Satyakam Goswami goswami at archeanit.com
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                 Sun's Computational Biology SIG

                 Sun's vision in Computational Biology is based on three
                 factors: The Sun Platform, Open Standards, and Community

                 Computational Biology is a progressive segment comprised of
                 Bioinformatics, Macromolecular Structure,
                 BioSimulation/BioNetworks, Bioengineering and the interface
                 with Medical Informatics.

                 As part of our efforts to support both open standards and the
                 computational community, as well as to keep the Sun
                 Computational Biology Community up-to-date on Sun
                 products, we have formed a Special Interest Group in
                 Computational Biology.

                 This group is open to all of Sun's Education and Research
                 customers. The Steering Committee will be comprised of the
                 principals of the relevant Sun Centers of Excellence, as well
                 key Sun program managers.

                 To join the CB-SIG, please send email to
compbio-sig-info at sun.com with your contact information, Sun equipment, CB
                 applications and any ideas and comments.

                 The email list (compbio-sig at sun.com) and website
(www.sun.com/edu/hpc/compbio-sig) are also for discussions, coordination
                 of activities, articles, literature, copies of presentations,

                 Discussion topics for the CB-SIG will come from topics of
interest to the membership, as well as Sun's Informatics Advisory
                 Council (IAC), and the open-standards Interoperable Informatics
Infrastructure Consortium (I3C), and other initiatives.

                 Meetings will, initially, be held in conjunction with the HPC
Constortium meetings (www.sun.com/edu/hpc). The first such meeting
                 will be held at the HPC Consortium meeting in Heidelberg on
June 19, 2001.

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Victory Vihar,Himayatnagar
Hyderabad 500029,www.archeanit.com

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