[BiO BB] need sugesstion

Indraneel Majumdar indraneel at indialine.org
Sat Jun 23 20:34:52 EDT 2001


On Fri, Jun 15, 2001 at 12:27:10PM +0100, venkatasubbarao saladi wrote:
> Hi every one,
> I am a software prgrammer (with 3 plus years of
> Experiance in ISO  9001.SEI CMM Level 4 company and
> also overseas experiance in UK,Singapore,Malaysia etc)
> with biology background(BSC (Agri))  and strong hold

That is excellent, now instead of spending the rest of your life doing
only half of what you're capable of, probably you can shift to
bioinformatics and really get some job satisfaction in a field that is
still new and exciting. That is why I did. The payscale has not yet
rocket-ed like pure IT, but it sure will, probably in the next 3 years.

> on biotechnology,I came to know about the "BIO
> INFORMATICS"  and I am very interested to shift in to
> it ,as it involves both biology-IT ,But the only thing
> which I am woorying about is the career oppourtunities
> in the field of " BIO INFORMATICS", sir pls let me
> know about the oppourtunities and also ,here in india
> one institute is offering some training in
> bioinformatics on MSI SOFTWARE(like
> INSIGHT,CERIES)onGenome ,DNA,Protein sequnce

I'm not too sure of this either. AFAIK the fees being charged are quite
high to justify joining, but then the software and equipment being used
there costs a lot too. That does not mean that you need all that to
learn. Open alternatives like `O' and `VMD' exist for us poorer people
running Debian GNU/Linux. Probably the best answer would come by asking
yourself: Did you go to an institute to learn computers (since you were
an Ag student)? If not, probably you don't need to join one this time
too. The going will be tough anyway, and you need to learn all the time,
but then the rewards are much greater too.

> analysis,pls let me know how far it will be use ful to
> me to shift in to the field of bioinformatics,I will
> be obeliged to you for providing the above information

that's what mailing lists are for, shift to a more open world.

best wishes,


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