[BiO BB] [Fwd: starting a career in bioinformatics]

Deanne lilyth at umich.edu
Thu Mar 8 22:58:35 EST 2001

Friend & I have just registered "bioinfotech.org" and "bioinfotech.net"

Purpose is to act as a clearing house for all things bioinformatics and
information tech related directly to biology (not necessarily related
entirely to coding, so it's not stepping on la Open Lab). :) Articles,
news, commentary, gripes, raves, rants, software and industry reviews,
academic departments, etc. Maybe a who's who of the field. Something.
Think slashdot for bioinformatics.

It's a not-for-profit news/info site that will eventually answer questions
like this one, "How do I get a job in this field." "What is there left to
do?" "What do I need to know?"  It'll be a good place to point people,

And of course, it can host papers and articles from bioinformaticians, ala

Dunno when it'll be up. In my spare time, I suppose.  Which I still owe
some here and there. ...including my gengnome project and piper. Sigh. But
it has to be done and no use waiting...if anyone wants to get involved,
just ask.....


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