[BiO BB] nucleosome DNA of Yeast

balaji r balarji at rediffmail.com
Wed May 16 13:04:44 EDT 2001

Hi ..,
I want some help.

Does any one know whether Nucleosomal DNA of Yeast, that is the 146 mer DNA that is bound to HISTONES is available on any database.

I want these sequences, can anyone guide me from where these sequences be obtained or is there any program to extract these from the yeast genome.
thank you..

Indian Institute of Science,

It is some thing like the following which is in genbank -
The following is an example for chicken (Gallus gallus which is a 148 mer)

G.gallus DNA sequence from nucleosome
1 tgaaaaagac aagttggggc aggaaatgat gtacttccga acttctttat cccctcatga
61 ctcacagctt catgacagat ttcatttaag taatatcctt tcaaaattca aagtctcctg
121 tactttcagt acaaaagaga cataacca

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