[BiO BB] Standford Bioinformatics courses

Jeffrey Chang jchang at SMI.Stanford.EDU
Thu May 17 23:45:52 EDT 2001


Currently, I'm one of the TA's for Stanford's class BMI214 Representations
and Algorithms in Computational Molecular Biology, which is one of the three
for the certificate.  I can't say whether it's worth the tuition (don't know
how much it is).

The course covers a wide range of bioinformatics work and is updated yearly
to make sure that it's current.  This year, it's roughly organized into
sequence, structure, and then function analysis and algorithms.  The
syllabus is available online at the web site:

Plus, you can look at the assignments using a guest login.

As far as taking it online, about 20% of our students are distance learners.
It's doable, but needs extra coordination because they receive handouts
later, don't have as good access to the instructors, and miss out on the
community of other students and learning together.


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> Subject: [BiO BB] Standford Bioinformatics courses
> Hi, 
> Is any person attending the online bioinformatics
> courses from Standford? How about it? Is it worth the
> tuition? 
> Are there any more online courses available right
> now?
> Thanks
> CL
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