[BiO BB] BiO BoF 2001: BRIE & OAP '01

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Wed May 23 10:56:51 EDT 2001

You may have seen this on BiO News, but we'll make the announcement here as

Bioinformatics.org is announcing its first annual "Birds of a Feather" (BiO
BoF) meeting. Every year we will host a conference on a topic of interest to
our community. This year, we will be co-hosting the BRIE & OAP '01 joint
satellite conference on July 26, at ISMB'01, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The "Biological Research with Information Extraction" (BRIE) 2001 conference
will cover text mining for biology, while the "Open-Access Publications" (OAP)
2001 conference will cover the publication obstacles to information retrieval
and extraction.

The joint conferences will require only one registration per person. A formal
announcement with more details will follow shortly. If you're planning to
attend, please note that the main ISMB'01 conference runs from July 21 to 25,
and the satellite conferences are either before (as with BOSC'01) or after.
BRIE & OAP '01 will be held on the day AFTER the main conference (on

There is a new website with more information:



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