[BiO BB] new physical mapping viewer released

Chris Fjell cfjell at bcgsc.bc.ca
Wed May 30 21:09:25 EDT 2001


Subscribers might be interested in a new Java application/applet (iCE) 
for viewing genomic physical maps (clones, contigs, fingerprints, etc),
go to: http://ice.bcgsc.bc.ca.

Anyone interested in adapting the code or making their own installations 
of iCE should contact me.

Chris Fjell
Programmer/Analyst - Genome Sequence Center, BC Cancer Agency
600 W 10th Avenue, Vancouver BC V5Z 4E6

email: cfjell at bcgsc.bc.ca
fax: (604) 877-6085   
www: http://www.bcgsc.bc.ca

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