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Peri Suraj bioinfo_india at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 2 03:57:17 EST 2001

Sequence analysis primer is quite old book. however
concepts are well explained and can be refereed to as
fundamentals of this area. 
    Further to this, there are many areas in
bioinformatics to be covered for example genome
analysis , protein domain architechture analysis and
phylogenetics these all need to be emphasized. 
  considering all this Braxevanis and David mount
books are better.   
   but remember all these books are assorted journal
club papers. these books are equivelnt to collection
of journals in your rack. 
--- kiran challapalli <bioinformaticsckk at yahoo.co.in>
> Hi Ingrid,
> one more book called sequence analysis primer
> written
> by Gribskov is a good one for beginner interested in
> sequence analysis.
> Good luck,
> kiran kumar
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