[BiO BB] Unix or Linux

T.D. Houfek tdhoufek at unity.ncsu.edu
Wed Nov 7 14:14:17 EST 2001

Hi Peri,

We've been using (Red Hat) Linux at our lab for the last two years...
currently we've got it on 6 Dell PowerEdge servers and on a Dell Inspiron
laptop.  It has served us well.  At one point someone from a neighboring
lab said they thought a Solaris box would work better for BLAST searches,
since the chipset is optimized for non-floating-point operations I guess,
but when we held a (not very rigorous) "race" our Dell/Linux machine
seemed to outperform their Solaris machine.

Hope this helps,

T.D. Houfek

system administrator
NCSU Fungal Genomics Laboratory
tdhoufek at unity.ncsu.edu

On Tue, 6 Nov 2001, Peri Suraj wrote:

> Hi group,
>  I am on a survey and also to know what is the type of
> computing environment, big and famous labs in
> bioinformatics prefer.
>   Which server ( A unix or Linux) you prefer,that has
> all the important databases for critical research
> purpose, considering robustness of the system.
> 1. UNIX ( Digital, Solaris, IRIX that are proprietory
> and robust)
> 2. LINUX( Free, widely used and flexible)
> Folks, what would you prefer?
> Please post your suggestion and views !
> cheers
> sp
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