[BiO BB] Sequence analysis platform for OS X - inviting beta-testers.

Jordan Roumieu roumieu at genops.com
Thu Nov 29 01:37:23 EST 2001

Dear Researchers,

My company has ported its nucleotide and protein sequence analysis platform,
Ngene, to OS X and is inviting beta-testers to evaluate the product. Ngene
integrates applications and databases using Java and adds value to them by
applying parallel computing on a Linux cluster, automating experiment
management, and simplifying workflow.

On Friday Nov. 30th  beta-testing information will be available on the
beta-download site http://www.genops.com/download/default.htm
<http://www.genops.com/download/default.htm> . A Windows-based trial version
is already available there.

Contact me for further information.

Many thanks,

Jordan Roumieu
E-mail: roumieu at genops.com <mailto:roumieu at genops.com>
Genops Bioinformatics Inc.

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