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pkerrwall at yahoo.com pkerrwall at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 5 09:36:31 EDT 2001

Hello all,

I've been a member of this list for nearly 6 months
and would like to thank everyone for letting me pick
at your brains during this time.  I need help with a
career question.  

I graduated from college with undergraduate degrees in
Chemical Engineering and Zoology.  After graduation, I
got a job as a software developer and have been
working with the same company for the last year and a
half doing java server-side development, DB
Administration, and GUI Development.  My company is
about to go under and I've been looking for a job in
bioinformatics with no luck.  I usuall get the same
responses - need graduate degree, need more IT
experience, need Biotech experience, or local
candidates only (I would live in Louisiana).  

I currently have 2 career opportunities:  1) I can get
a job with an IT company doing EJB Development or 2) I
can get a job with an Energy company doing controls
(there will be software/web development associated
with the work).  I'm interested in the EJB development
b/c i've never developed in a 3-tier architecture and
I'm interested in the controls job b/c I miss the
math, statistics, and flow charts.  If I take one of
these jobs, I definetely want my next job to be in a
bioinformatics discipline.  Any suggestions on which
would be better for my carrer are appreciated.


Kerr Wall

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