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Joel Dudley Joel.Dudley at DevelopOnline.com
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Looks great, but it seems like (according to the job listings on the site)
you are looking for pure computer scientists in the feild of computer
imaging and graphics. What about the computational biology aspect of the
job, are there any positons that are a mix of advanced computing and
biology? Thank you.

- Joel Dudley

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Hi there! I know that this is probably not the best place to be recruiting
people, but if any of you are interested in making a move, check out our
website. I am attaching our latest press release. Take a look and browse the
site for our most up to date openings in the dynamic field of IMAGE
INFORMATICS! We are growing when others are closing! Please reply to me
directly if you are interested.

Scimagix Secures $25 Million Funding
Company Strengthens Leadership in Image Informatics

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif. - July 18, 2001 - ScimagixT Inc., the leading
provider of image informatics solutions for pharmaceutical research and
discovery, today announced that it has secured $25 million in its third
round of funding. Led by Dresdner Kleinwort Capital and EuclidSR Partners,
this oversubscribed private placement was also backed by previous investor
Tullis-Dickerson & Co. Inc., and new investors INVESCO, Future Capital and
IngleWood Ventures. Both Daniel Green, director, Dresdner Kleinwort Capital,
and Barbara Dalton, Ph.D., partner at EuclidSR Partners, will take seats on
Scimagix's board of directors.

According to Robert Dunkle, president and CEO of Scimagix, this round of
funding will enable the company to expand capabilities and applications for
its SIMST (Scientific Image Management System) platform and strengthen its
market position as the preferred provider of image informatics solutions.
"Our technology offers a breakthrough for pharmaceutical and biotechnology
research in the analytical use of images at every stage of the drug
discovery R&D process," said Dunkle. "We are the only company capable of
quantifying the content of digital images and providing research scientists
with automated access to legacy and new images - an enormous productivity
boon in the decision-making process where images are currently an
underutilized corporate asset."

Advances in functional genomics, proteomics, tissue microarrays and
high-throughput screening have resulted in an explosion of data in
pharmaceutical and life science research. Estimates are that as much as 70
percent of experimental data is image-based, rather than numbers or text,
presenting research enterprises with the challenge of managing these
valuable assets effectively. An innovator in the category of image
informatics, Scimagix is the first to provide research scientists with a
domain-specific, data management system for storage, annotation, retrieval
and mining of images from all types of experiments.

Building on SIMS, its infrastructure platform, Scimagix is developing a
suite of specialized applications for in-depth analysis and mining of
various types of images according to visual criteria. ProteinMineT, the
first commercially available application in this suite, is designed to
analyze and search protein patterns in 2-dimensional (2D) electrophoresis
gels according to visual criteria and was jointly developed with Pfizer
Global R&D (formerly Parke-Davis).

"The overwhelmingly positive response we received during this round of
financing validates our company mission and the market potential for our
products," Dunkle continued. "From the beginning, our customers have been
enthusiastic, and now we have generated the same excitement in the investor
community. We intend to sustain our leadership position by introducing new
image-mining applications with specific capabilities to a wider range of
drug discovery research and development and by developing further processes
that fully optimize our open architecture."

"The SIMS platform and ProteinMine have transformed our proteomics studies,
bringing speed and efficiency to the process of recognizing and evaluating
potential new drugs," said James Bristol, Ph.D., head of discovery at
Pfizer. "Scimagix gives us the unprecedented ability to search and analyze
an archive of thousands of images to evaluate elements such as biological
mechanisms, toxicity profiles and drug metabolism."

"Life sciences is an image-based, information-driven industry," said Barbara
Dalton, Ph.D., partner at EuclidSR Partners. "Scimagix is the only company
that brings image analysis and mining applications into a single data
management system that can store, search and mine life science data."

Added Daniel Green, director, Dresdner Kleinwort Capital, "The Scimagix team
has demonstrated that it understands what the pharmaceuticals industry wants
and that it can deliver. Scimagix's infrastructure and tools vastly improve
the efficiency of researching new life-saving medicines. Clearly, this
oversubscribed round of funding demonstrates that the global investment
community has recognized the rapidly growing demand for such a solution."

Scimagix will continue to work closely with its customers to develop
specialized applications that allow easy access to a multitude of images at
all stages of pharmaceutical research and development.

About Scimagix Inc.
ScimagixT Inc., based in Redwood Shores, Calif., is the leading provider of
image informatics solutions for pharmaceutical research and development. Its
flagship SIMST (Scientific Image Management System) platform is the first
data management system designed to optimize the use of images generated
during drug discovery research and development. The Oracle®/Web-based
software system enables enterprise-wide image management, providing
researchers with a comprehensive and searchable corporate database of image
data. Researchers can easily retrieve image sets from diverse experiments
based on specific search parameters to identify correlations between images
and functional data and derive added value from images.

Scimagix serves six of the top 15 pharmaceutical companies including Pfizer
Global R&D and Eli Lilly & Co. For additional information, please visit
Scimagix's corporate Web site at www.scimagix.com


Chin Chin Lin
Scimagix, Inc.

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