[BiO BB] IEEE Computer special issue; Call for Papers

Naren Ramakrishnan ramakris at trinetra.cs.vt.edu
Mon Oct 22 21:26:05 EDT 2001

IEEE Computer Special Issue on Bioinformatics Software Systems

Scheduled Date of Publication: July 2002

Bioinformatics and the information-centric revolution in
biology constitute one of the most exciting and challenging
application areas for computational science. The data-driven
emphasis in experimental biology has ushered in a veritable
revolution involving technologies such as DNA sequencing,
data mining, microarrays, and nano-robotics. The recent
completion of a draft of the entire human genome and the
complete sequencing of the Arabidopsis genome signify major
milestones in data acquisition. The success of these endeavors
hinges on the design and implementation of high-thoroughput
software systems and tools. Further analysis of the biological
data flowing from these endeavors presents unique challenges
to computational science.

We invite wide-ranging articles on bioinformatics software
systems appropriate to IEEE Computer's readership. Topics
include: sequence comparison, alignment, and annotation tools;
new metrics for effective data analysis; microarray expression
analysis systems; methodologies for incorporating biological
knowledge into analysis (in the form of graphical, declarative,
and continually arriving streams of data); software for
phylogenetic tree reconstruction; semi-structured and
mediated databases for information integration; web-based
tools for bioinformatics research; integrated problem-solving
environments for targeted applications; and dedicated
resources for various biological domains. Emphasis is
placed on novelty of software system design and integration
of multiple modes of investigation, rather than on any
particular algorithmic or computational approach. Articles should
also motivate the biological questions influencing software
system design and implementation.

Guest Editors

Lenwood S. Heath
Department of Computer Science
Virginia Tech, VA 24061
Tel: (540) 231-4352
Fax: (540) 231-6075
Email: heath at cs.vt.edu
Web: http://www.cs.vt.edu/~heath

Naren Ramakrishnan
Department of Computer Science
Virginia Tech, VA 24061
Tel: (540) 231-8451
Fax: (540) 231-6075
Email: naren at cs.vt.edu
Web: http://www.cs.vt.edu/~ramakris

Submissions, which would be six to seven pages in the final magazine
format, are limited to 6,000 words with each figure or table counted
as 300 words. In terms of manuscript pages, this is about 20
double-spaced, typewritten pages, with each illustration counted as
one-half to one full page of text, depending on its complexity.
References are limited to the most relevant 12. Interested authors
should submit their manuscript by November 30, 2001 to either of
the guest editors. Email submissions in Postscript or PDF are
preferred. Authors should also keep in mind IEEE Computer's
wide audience; Articles covering real-world applications and approaches
are of more interest than those that concentrate purely on
generic solution techniques and concepts.


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