[BiO BB] Src of Drosophila

nabula easter thriotus at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 29 16:35:22 EST 2001

hi , 
 thanks for your mail. i did read that section.
according to that DmSrc64B was considered previously
as strong ortholog to vertebrate c-src. however after
characterizing another kinase at 42A position on the
same locus, it was conculded that this src kinase show
strong evidence to be called as a strong ortholog of
vertebrate c-src. 
   i consider that a fly biologist and biologist
working in vertebrate systems understand the same
biological concept in different ways. 
 so final conclusion what exactly reality is unknown
through that section. niether a reference was cited
nor a description was mentioned which led to that
  So my request to any drosophila biologist is to
clarify me over my question ( generic rather silly) .
thanks in advance 

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