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Val Bykoski valb at vtek.com
Thu Sep 13 22:34:18 EDT 2001

To me, data integration is part of more serious problem 
how to build a realistic cell model.  Without cell model,
there is no (computational) framework to integrate the
data around.  Data needs to be integrated into smth biologically
significant - otherwise the data is very much useless...
my best, val

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> Hey Melissa,
>         Just thought I'd answer a fellow Albertan's query.  I think the
> questions "where is bioinformatics going" would engender a different
> response from whomever you ask.  I think the next big problem to solve
> however is data integration.  How to get all of these disparate sources
> of data to interact with each other.  In regards to specific
> applications, I imagine the development of an automated and dependable
> "drug discovery tool" would cause quite a stir.

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