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Dawn Field dfield at molbiol.ox.ac.uk
Fri Sep 21 07:33:56 EDT 2001


It would help if you told the list exactly what kind of data you hope 
to store, how much curation you'll need to do once you sent up your 
database, and a bit about how you hope to search it.

This would help people evaluate whether there are existing options or 
whether you need to start from scratch...

Also, what's your computing background and what platform do you what 
to develop for - will it be web based?


>I would like to know if anybody has an idea how to create a small database
>i.e. for plant microbe interactions and involved genes respectively? The
>thought behind it is to create a small dataset to get results with higher
>statistical relevance & faster searching through? How could one start off ?
>best regards
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