[BiO BB] How to write Algorithm

Indraneel Majumdar indraneel at indialine.org
Wed Sep 26 00:31:49 EDT 2001

On Mon, Sep 24, 2001 at 06:47:16AM -0400, John S. J. Anderson wrote:
> IIRC, that's _Mastering Algorithms with C_; there's also a _Mastering
> Algoritms with Perl_.

Yep, and there's also a new perl-bioinfo book

> > Numerical Recipies in C (Cambridge University Press, available free
> > in the www)
> The canonical "algorithm book" is Knuth's multi-volume _The Art of
> Programming_. If you want to become an "algorithm expert", you should
> acquire these books (currently three of them), read them cover to
> cover, and understand them. This is very non-trivial. 

oops, i just posted this :( One should also add that supposedly the
satan of the other world (BG of M$) has asked for the resume of anyone
who has read all the volumes ;)



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