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Roger Pettett rmp at sanger.ac.uk
Thu Sep 27 06:39:10 EDT 2001

On Thu, 27 Sep 2001 hzi at uol.com.br wrote:

> And how about "functional programming languages"? A friend of mine (a
> mathematician) told me to check out a language called Haskell
> <http://www.haskell.org>.
> It was __very__ different from __anything__ I'd seen before. Has
> anyone here ever used it?
> They have this a qicksort algorithm written in haskell, and I was
> amazed to see how beautiful (conceptually) it looked in haskell.
> For sure, it isn't for text processing, but hey, who cares?

Haskell is a great language for doing most things mathematical. It's
really good for evaluating infinite values & expressions. It's fast,
compact and extremely neat. In my opinion it's way underused for
bioinformatics applications. Whilst I worked with it I used a system
called HUGS, the Haskell Users' Gofer System. My ex-tutor was heavily
involved in its development and has some good links on his homepage:


> And what about Tannenbaum's "Data structures in C". He's supposed to
> be a pundit...
Tannenbaum's Algorithms & Data Structures books are excellent resources
for hardcore programmers, but probably of slightly limited use to


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