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Howard Oliver whatifwhatnext at on.aibn.com
Tue Apr 2 07:30:39 EST 2002

Good Morning:

Hi all. We are writing a book on business development for emerging
technologies. We have created a conceptual model and scenario planning
process that shows a new way for organizations to increase the value of
Intellectual Property, attract funding and position for lasting market
leadership in emerging technology markets - particularly Bioinformatics and
the "Omics" fields.  Reactions from senior management will be valuable to
help us enrich our writing with quotes and further examples.  The ideas will
also be of value to your organization.

Can you help us out? The discussion would take only 10-15 minutes of your


Howard Oliver
What If What Next (TM) Consulting
holiver at whatifwhatnext.com
Tel: 416-638-8582
Mobile: 416-432-2764

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