[BiO BB] Life Sciences News Update

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Tue Apr 9 21:21:39 EDT 2002


No one at our end subscribed this list to the Bio.com newsletter, even though
it says the subscription is "per your request" (but who ever believes that?). 
The same goes for other bulk mailings that have appeared on the Bulletin

We have requested that these companies remove us from their lists, by
contacting them directly, not by using the link they send, which could result
in the Bulletin Board being added to every other spammer's list.  Even though
the messages may be interesting or useful, these companies should not be using
the Bulletin Board as a conduit for automated "announcements" but should allow
individuals to subscribe to their lists directly.

So far, Bio.com has not responded, so we will be blocking them.

I know that, as the list becomes more popular, it will become a magnet for
every spammer out there.  Without our active effort, it could become like most
of the unmoderated newsgroups out there.  We're not at that point yet, but
someday we may end up moderating every message coming through.

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