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Peter Groenen peter.groenen at wanadoo.nl
Thu Apr 11 03:34:30 EDT 2002

Dear Blaise,
If you stay in the Netherlands you might consider contacting N.V. Organon in Oss who are heavily involved in bioinformatics. Ask for section Bioinformatics. We're welcoming students.
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 20
5340 BH Oss

Tel: +31 412 661222

Best regards,


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  Dear Members,
  I am a MSc student in bioinformatics , wageningen
  university(the Netherlands), Time has come to choose a
  research topic for my Msc Thesis(in pure bioinformatic
  field), i wish you could assist in guiding me in the
  choice of one, with more details of what is expected
  from me, 
  Hoping to receiving suggestions from you at your
  earliest convenience, thank you very much in advance
  for your kind consideration.
  truly yours,
  Alako TAdontsop F.B.

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