[BiO BB] Biotech and IT Convergence

Monika Hasan monika at ef-international.co.uk
Mon Apr 15 11:27:01 EDT 2002

Dear Bioinformatics Professional,

Following the post genomic data explosion there are many exciting 
developments afoot in the biotech and IT sectors.  To take 
advantage of this exciting growth it is essential to extract 
maximum value from data, databases and new IPR arising from 
research carried out.  It is vital not only to get the deal right
also to protect your commercial and legal interests.  
To address these issues, EuroLegal has created a cutting-edge 
event “Biotech and IT Convergence  - Commercial Opportunities 
and Legal Challenges Arising from the Life Sciences Data 
Explosion” which is scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday, 28th 
and 29th May 2002.

The international panel of speakers at this event will include:

Werten Bellamy
Group Counsel
Celera Genomics Group

David Bailey
De Novo Pharmaceuticals

Simon M. Brocklehurst
Head of Bioinformatics and Advanced Information Systems
Cambridge Antibody Technology

Dominique Gillot
Life Sciences and Material Sciences Manager EMEA
Compaq Computer Corporation

If you are interested in further details and the agenda, please visit: 

Kind regards

Monika Hasan
monika at euro-legal.co.uk

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