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C. Melissa Dobson cmdobson at ucalgary.ca
Wed Apr 24 20:50:51 EDT 2002

Bioinformatics Worshops

Please note: both Canadian and non-Canadian participants are welcome to attend the workshops

 Two workshops in the highly acclaimed BHRC-supported Canadian
Bioinformatics Workshop series  (www.bioinformatics.ca) are being
offered in July and August, 2002. Register now for the following:

Bioinformatics: Introduction to Programming
Date: July 15 - 27, 2002
Place: Montreal, Quebec
Application deadline: May 3, 2002
Registration fee: $2,500

Bursaries: two bursaries of $2075 each are available to Canadian
bioinformatics graduate students in the first year of their MSc program
or the first or second year of their PhD program.

Designed for biologists and others with no formal programming
experience, this workshop will provide you with an excellent
introduction to programming for bioinformatics. Lectures, labs, and
assignments will be based on real-world biological examples. At this
workshop, you will

- write computer programs using the Java programming language and the
BioJava toolkit
- apply object-oriented principles and learn how to reuse your code for
other experiments
- create automated searches of the NCBI and other bioinformatics
databases that are not possible using web interfaces
- automate searches that require an unrealistic amount of time using
web-based tools
- network with highly qualified instructors who are research leaders in
- be empowered to tackle more complex bioinformatics questions

Further details and online application:


Developing the Tools
Date: August 9 - 16, 2002
Place: Edmonton, Alberta
Application deadline: June 15, 2002
Registration fee: $1,500
Prerequisite: completion of two years of Computer Science degree or
equivalent; at least one programming
course in C++ or Java

Bursaries: two bursaries of $1200 each are available to Canadian
graduate students in the first year of their MSc program or the first or

second year of their PhD program. Undergraduate students will be
considered if no suitable graduate student candidates apply.

You will gain practical expertise and skills to:
 - parse bioinformatics data
 - manipulate existing biological objects
 - formalize and create new biological objects
 - modify and extend existing bioinformatics software tools
 - develop new bioinformatics applications
 - carry out all of the above using the NCBI toolkit.

Further details and online application:

You may wish to attend ISMB2002, the 10th International Conference on
Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology and stay on for the Tools
Workshop. See www.ismb02.org for more information.

See you in Edmonton!

If, after reading the bioinformatics.ca webpages, you require more
information on either of these workshops, contact

Canadian Bioinformatics Workshop Series
Canadian Genetic Diseases Network
352 - 2125 East Mall
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada V6T 1Z4
Fax: (604) 822-7945
e-mail: course_info at bioinformatics.ca

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