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hz5 at njit.edu hz5 at njit.edu
Sun Feb 3 12:40:32 EST 2002

I have put up a webtool that takes GenBank AccID's and the region of interest
for the genes and retrieve all the sequence for you.
For example, I want upstream 1000bp for the following genes:
U69127 X64044 H45798

the tool will give back fasta format sequences with gi number of correponding
contig as the description line.

The sequence is retrived from NCBI from the draft contig sequence, not Genbank
sequences. But in the result table, you have the link to Genbank sequences.

The website is :

Hope this will help.

This is a new tool, I am sure there are many bugs in it, if anyone can help to
evaluate and point out errors, I appreciate a lot.

Haibo Zhang

Quoting Peri Suraj <bioinfo_india at yahoo.com>:

> Hi group, 
>  Do you know if there is any tool which can fetch
> fasta formated sequences based on the accession
> numbers list what i have with me. 
>  I know that we can do this in GCG and EMBOSS. 
> I want a web based facility, because i do not have
> access to EMBOSS or GCG. 
> Please reply soon !
> Thank you in advance
> Suraj Peri
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Haibo Zhang
Computational Biology, NJIT & Rutgers University

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