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Joel Dudley Joel.Dudley at DevelopOnline.com
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If you are looking abroad you can find opportunities in many European
countries whose population speaks fluent English (Denmark, Holland, Finland,
etc). If you are looking in the US then I am going to make a plug for my
school, Arizona State. They offer two graduate options for those interested
in Bioinformatics, but there is no dedicated bioinformatics undergraduate
program. Also, the University of Arizona in Tuscon is a great place to study
bioinformatics. Did I mention well over 300 days of sunshine here? :-).

- joel

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Hey I'm new to the board and have a question...I'm an undergrad in the 
US who's looking for a good place to study bioinformatics for a semester 
or two, like to look abroad, but I only speak english which might limit 
my options.  Ideas?  Any help you can give is greatly appreciated.


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