[BiO BB] C# in Bioinformatics?

hzi at uol.com.br hzi at uol.com.br
Sun Feb 10 13:57:51 EST 2002

Ashwin Sivakumar writes:
 > Hi group,
 > I was wondering if any one has an idea on whether this language C# is
 > being implemented for tool development by any corporate/research
 > centers.Has anyone tested this language with respect to
 > Bioinformatics tool development?
 > regards,
 > Ashwin

Dear Ashwin-

     It is my personal view that a proprietary language such as C#
should not be used for research purposes, since it limits in a
practical sense the applicability of new ideas and methods.
     Besides, from all the reviews I've read, C# is nothing but
Microsoft's atempt to divert attention from JAVA, being a language
with no substantial design inovation.
     Well, we've seen __that__ before...


     synthespian at uol.com.br

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