[BiO BB] Macintosh

FREDERICK TAN prion at jhu.edu
Mon Jan 14 14:57:43 EST 2002

Good afternoon,

. I was wondering how many people out there were using Macintosh as a
supplementary computing platform.  I am considering the purchase of a
Macintosh (in addition to the Win32/Linux/SGI machines) for the purposes

- presentation machine
- part-time mobile computational analysis
- light administrative tasks (MS Office essentially)

. My questions lie along four major questions:

1) How to compare the performance of the PowerPC G3/G4 chips with that of
the Intel based 80x86 chips
2) The basis of Mac OS X/Darwin (is this a true Unix flavored
implementation, able to compile and run existing Unix applications); on
the same lines a) will this machine be able to run basic sequence analysis
packages (phylip, clustalx, etc) and molecular modeling software (RasMol,
Chime, etc) and b) how much support does Mac OS X have for emulating a
3) Interoperatability with existing networks-- how much trouble will I
have trying to interface with two SGI Octanes and a host of other Windows
XP systems (as well as a non postscript HP laser printer)
4) Any suggested configurations for the iBook/PowerBook?

. Thank you in advance.

Frederick Tan

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