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John Rynak jtrynak at scigenium.com
Tue Jan 29 00:16:56 EST 2002

Informatics Scientist (Collaborator Liaison)


The person in this position serves as a liaison between SciGenium and a specific collaborating client, with primary responsibility for European operations. The liaison provides full-time on-site consulting including demonstration and support for data visualization and mining software, understanding the collaborator's needs and conveying those to the home office, defining software requirements to support the collaborator, participating in prototype development, and performing data analysis.  


The European liaison is part of a two-person team to support the collaborator's needs.  Along with the other liaison, who has primary responsibility for North American operations, this two-person team must act in a unified fashion to best represent, unify, and integrate the needs of this client under a single client director.  Effective and frequent communication is an important aspect of success in this position.


The Informatics Scientist needs to have an understanding of information visualization, in general. In addition, knowledge of the technical areas being addressed by the client is needed.  The candidate should have some familiarity with exploratory data analysis, bioinformatics, and cheminformatics and be willing to learn more in these areas. Familiarity with existing informatics software and Windows and UNIX platforms is desired. Experience with programming languages such as JAVA would be advantageous. 


Training and experience equivalent to a Ph.D. in mathematics/statistics, biochemistry/molecular biology, chemistry, or computer science or an M.D. Experience with informatics and excellent interpersonal skills required. 



Interested candidates should forward their resumes to jtrynak at scigenium.com or FAX 208.567.3995 or send to:


P.O Box 380916

Cambridge, MA 02238

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